Important News for all BAGS plot-holders / visitors and Call for Action

The BAGS Committee are concerned about a planning application which has been made to convert the old electricity substation outside the main gates, into 2 three storey homes. The developers’ plans show the site extending from the old substation, across the alley and car park gates, to the other side (where they plan to build a new, smaller substation). See area outlined in red line below.

If the project goes ahead, it will involve the initial construction of the new substation, followed by extensive excavation work directly outside our gates to redirect all the underground electric cables feeding the old substation to the new substation. This in turn, will be followed by the conversion of the old substation to the residential accommodation and its linkage to essential services drains, mains water supplies and sewers. The developers will also need to bring in and load and unload large heavy vehicles, blocking our access alley, for the delivery of scaffolding for work on the sides and back of the substation and the removal of rubble. The area in front of our car park gates will in effect become a building site.
The key thing for BAGS is that, if the developers gain control of the area directly in front of our car park gates, they could block or greatly restrict entry for many months and all BAGS plot-holders and visitors would suffer significant inconvenience.
How do we prevent this happening? 
We are asking all BAGS tenants, and family members/visitors, to make an objection via the Ealing Council planning website as soon as possible, and at the latest by early March.  Numbers matter, an objection by BAGS on behalf of our tenants counts as one objection. We are aiming for 100+ individual objections. 

Click here for a simple guide on how to make an objection.

Click here for more information on the proposed Substation redevelopement.

BAGS Committee

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