Redevelopment of Substation building at the gates of Brentham Allotments – How to make an objection

For more information on the substation application, and to lodge an objection, visit Ealing Council’s Planning Portal.

  • To look at the details of the application click on “Documents” where you can view descriptions and plan drawings.
  • To see what other people have written, you can click on “Public Comments”. So far, they are all negative and relate mainly to access to garages etc. The planning proposals do not refer to the need for access to Brentham Allotments, or the public footpath running alongside the site, so it is important that BAGS tenants / visitors object on this basis. Obviously, if you think of other reasons for objections you should add them.
  • To make an objection, click on “Comments”. This starts with a simple questionnaire asking for details and whether you object or otherwise. There are then tick boxes for the basis of your objection, followed by a heading “Your Comment” under which you can enter your objection. You can put as little or as much (up to 5,000 characters) as you wish in the comment section. We are particularly keen to have evidence to back up the claims that a large number of our tenants rely on access to the allotment car park but please feel free to cover other topics.
  • Please remember that your comments should reflect your personal views. The Planning Committee does not welcome submissions that are obviously versions of a prepared script
  • If you are commenting about car park access, we suggest you first say why you think the proposal will lead to problems of access. You don’t have to go into detail. You can then go on to explain, how it would affect you if entry to the car park was not available or greatly restricted.  This, is something only you can comment on but there are lots of possibilities: length of journey, available time, heavy loads, bringing family, quick visits looking after chickens, age/health, limited mobility etc., etc.  Don’t worry if your comment seems rather short. It will still be extremely useful in getting the message across that Brentham Allotment tenants strongly oppose the proposed development.

Anybody requiring further advice or help – please contact one of the BAGS committee.

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