More information on substation redevelopement

  • Substation Redevelopment Site plan expanded

This shows BAGS (Brentham Allotments Garden Society) site boundary (yellow) and cultivated area (green), the car park and gates which enable essential vehicle access to the allotments and Trading Hut.

The proposed substation development site (red lined) prevents access to BAGS car park and the public footpath to Brentham Meadows.

The proposed 2 bed house has ground floor habitable rooms 1m from the BAGS boundary fence and looking onto the fence, trading hut, car park and toilet block; not the open parkland shown in the developer’s CGI.

The access point to Brunswick Road, shown as in the client’s ownership, is currently blocked.

Photos below further illustrate these points.

  • Access road from Brentham Allotments to Lynwood Road / A40

The close proximity of the access road entrance to the A40 is an existing traffic issue; at busy times, traffic backs onto the A40 and is gridlocked on Lynwood Road and Brunswick road. Additional construction traffic will exacerbate this already dangerous situation.

  • Width of access road at narrowest point is 3.6m

There is not sufficient width for 2 vehicles to pass and there is no pavement. Large construction vehicles & associated traffic will impede access for garage users, allotment vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Space to side and rear of sub-station is severely restricted

4.3m gap from NE elevation to garage – limited space for construction activity and access/ egress by construction traffic and garage users.

Access to east side of substation 4.3m space between substation and garage. Erection and use of scaffolding required for the removal of rear parts of roof and upper walls of substation would prevent safe access to Greystoke Terrace garages.

Substation (north east elevation)
3 bed house with 3 GF habitable rooms looking onto access way and garage wall.

  • Proposed 2-bed house looking onto Brentham Allotments car park, trading hut and toilet block

CGI of south west elevation is misleading – it omits the boundary fence (1m from substation wall), trading hut and toilet block. It indicates green, open space to the north west, which is in fact the access road, BAGS main gates and footpath.

This is the actual south west elevation viewed from inside the allotments; the living room and second bedroom windows of the house will look straight onto BAGS trading hut and toilet block buildings; the boundary fence will cut across their windows.

There will be no open space in front of the 2-bed house, as indicated by the above CGI.

  • 1m gap between substation (SW elevation) and BAGS boundary fence

It is unrealistic to expect demolition / rebuilding work to take place safely in such a confined space.

BAGS will not allow interference with the boundary fence or use of the BAGS site for any construction activity.

The ground floor bedroom and living room windows of the 2-bed house will be 1m from the allotment boundary fence.

  • Public footpath along southern boundary of BAGS allotment site and main gates to BAGS car park.

The car park gates are kept locked at all times other than the busiest summer weekends and all plot holders have keys.

Construction traffic will not be able to use the car park for loading, unloading and turning vehicles. It would be unsafe for any large vehicles (during construction and after completion to service the new homes) to reverse along the access road and into Lynwood Road, adjacent to a busy access point to the A40.

This popular footpath gives access to Brunswick Road (via side alleys) and to Brentham Meadows. It is well used by pedestrians – commuters, dog walkers, families with children, cyclists, nature lovers etc.

The designation by the applicants of the area in front of both the allotment gates and the public footpath as part of their designated “site” would effectively block access for months to all of these users.

  • View of substation – entrance doors to the proposed 2 homes

The entrance doors to the 2 new homes (north west elevation) will be either side of the existing green door; they will open directly into the path of vehicles exiting and entering the BAGS car park. There is no pedestrian walkway; this is unsafe.

The proposal is again misleading as to the amount of landscaping/ vegetation possible in such a tight space (see CGI below).

  • Alternative access path to Brunswick Road is gated and overgrown

The red arrow shows that an alternative pedestrian access way to Brunswick Road (shown on the site plan as being client owned) is currently gated and overgrown.

It would not be a suitable alternative access point for BAGS visitors during redevelopment work, if that is what the client is proposing. It is not suitable for vehicle access.

Pictorial evidence submitted to support objections to Lynwood Road substation redevelopment

February 2021                           

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