B.A.G.S. Newsletter No:52 – March 2021

Update on Substation

Many thanks to all of you who lodged objections to the proposed conversion of the electricity substation just outside our car park gates to residential accommodation. The good news is that the planning application has been withdrawn. The reasons for this are not entirely clear and it may well reappear in a modified form at some later stage. We will keep you posted.

Borehole Situation

Nothing further to report just at the moment. The attention of both BAGS and the Council has largely been focussed on the substation problem for the last month or so.


The 2020 AGM was postponed because of Covid restrictions. It is still far from clear when these will be sufficiently relaxed to permit holding a conventional AGM. The BAGS Committee is, therefore, recommending that the usual paperwork (Accounts, Chair, Treasurer and Site Manager Reports) be circulated by email and posted on the BAGS website and that we retain the present Committee in post until the 2021 AGM can be held – hopefully in October. If this is felt to be inappropriate, the Committee are happy to organize a Zoom AGM. Comments should be sent to brenthamallotments@gmail.com

Trading Hut

The present plan, Covid restrictions permitting, is to re-open the Trading Hut on the weekend of April 17th-18th. The intention is to open both Saturday and Sunday (10.00-12.00) for the first 2-3 weeks to help cope with demand and then return to Sunday opening only. Strict attention to social distancing regulations will need to be maintained. BAGS is also currently investigating the possibility of organising an earlier opportunity for tenants to purchase seed potatoes, Growmore and multi-purpose compost.. Details will be sent out shortly.

Social Events

We are planning to run our usual Plant Sale Day in May. Details will be announced closer to the day But the important thing for the moment is get planting – we are relying on you to provide the stock to sell!

It has just been announced that the allotment section of the annual Cultivate Ealing competition will be run this year. We intend to enter Brentham in the large allotment site category, and our partner site Cleveley Crescent in the small site category.  Both sites have a good record in this competition and its predecessor Ealing in Bloom. Individual plot holders are encouraged to enter their own plots in the large and small plot categories. Information about how to enter will be circulated once it becomes available.

Brentham will also be organising its own less formal “Best Plots” competition. The rules and categories for this are somewhat different.  All plots are automatically entered – we know that we won’t get many entrants otherwise! Knowing that our plotholders have very different ideas about what to grow and how to organise their plots, we have come up with a wide range of categories that will cover as many different aspects as possible. They are, in no particular order:

Veggie Delight: A wide range of healthy looking veg in good numbers.

Fruitilicious: Same idea but with an emphasis on fruit.

Happy Husbandry: Bees or chickens healthy and in good heart.

Fantastic Start: Best plot rented since October 2020.

Most Improved: Plot showing the most improvement during this season.

Insta –appeal: Most photogenic/instagrammable plot.

Pollinator’s Pardise: Bee and insect heaven.

Wildlife Welcome: Ponds, insect hotels, wild flowers.

Quirkiest Corner: imaginative use of space, smile provoking.

Site Communication

We have recently set up a Facebook and a Whatsapp Group for those who like to communicate via social media. To join the Facebook group, tenants should search on Facebook for “Brentham Allotment and Gardens Society”.  Facebook will list the group and you will need to click on the “join” button to join the group. To join the WhatsApp group, kindly click on: https://chat.whatsapp.com/H57DuzDfijd2ZeJ83QBYKz on your phone.   

Rubbish Accumulation

There is an increasing problem of rubbish accumulating in communal areas around the site. BAGS is looking into ways of combatting this.  Again, we will keep you posted. In the meantime, please do not be tempted to add to the problem. To avoid fly tipping by outsiders, please ensure that the site gates are kept locked at all times during the week and after 5.00 pm on weekends.

Water Supply

All being well, the water supply will be switched back on by the end of March.

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