Support the Brentham Borehole

We would be very grateful if you would carefully read the message below relating to the case for sinking a borehole at Brentham, the way that it would be funded and how you can show your support.

Why the BAGS committee is recommending we sink a borehole

Use of a borehole offers the following benefits:

(a) We will be able to use hosepipes, even in a drought period; a great benefit to our older and less physically able tenants.

(b) Our water supply will not be reduced when Thames Water lowers the mains pressure in hot weather.

(c) Borehole water is both more environmentally friendly and better for plant growth than chlorinated tap water.

Our near neighbours (Pitshanger Allotments) have been using borehole water from the same aquifer using a similar pumping system for over fifteen years. They report no problems in the quantity and quality of the supply, even though their usage is appreciably over our peak rates.


The borehole will be paid for by:

  • a contribution from BAGS – we have been putting aside money for this for over 5 years,
  • a bid to the council’s Future Ealing community fund.
  • a crowdfunding exercise organised via Spacehive.
  • Our main line of potential funding is the Future Ealing bid. The role of the Spacehive exercise is simply to demonstrate wide communal support of the borehole project needed to trigger an award from Future Ealing.

So, we need all BAGS plot holders to act now to support the Spacehive campaign

You can do this by clicking onto the Spacehive site at and making a pledge to support our campaign. A step by step “how to pledge” summary is attached below if you need help.

If you need further help email or

The important thing to remember is what counts is community support, as reflected in the number of pledges.

So please recruit help from relatives or friends. Better that ten people pledge £5 than one pledges £50. If we can show this broad support, the “Future Ealing Fund” will then step in behind us.

Please make your pledge as soon as possible as Future Ealing will be making their decision in the next couple of weeks.

Also note, if Future Ealing fails to support us and we don’t reach the Spacehive target, the money you pledged will automatically be returned to you.

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