Upcoming Work Party

Upcoming Events – Colchester Avenue Allotment Association

The allotments are looking great

Thanks to some sterling efforts at the Work Party on 6 Feb, and tasks during the week, there have been some major improvements – we hope you like them.

  • The flower beds near the trading hut and composting toilets have been spruced up
  • Small ‘starter plots’ have been created on 4 large plots which had been vacated over the winter – these will now be let to new tenants from the waiting list on a 1 year ‘probationary’ tenancy
  • A new native hedge has been planted behind the trading hut – when grown it will be great for wildlife and help with site security

A big thank you to: Tessa, Patrick, Richard, Kristin, Margaret, Relli, Steve, Jane C, Jane F, Ann, Sarah, Fernando, Andrew, the Gryc family and the Council’s Ranger team for their help

Diary date of the next work party: Sun 6 March 10 – 12

Please come along to help – there are jobs for everyone

And if you can’t make Sunday mornings, but could do mid-week do let us know by emailing workparty.brenthamallotments@gmail.com

If you prefer to work alone, there is an ongoing task list to help improve the appearance of our site:

  1. All tenants are responsible for maintaining their surrounding paths ie strimming/cutting grass, edging, surface repairs; if necessary, please agree with your neighbour who does what
  2. Car Park – keep woodchips swept into one tidy pile
  3. Car Park – help to keep flower beds trimmed and free of weeds
  4. Car Park – help to keep the edge by the footpath clear of weeds and brambles
  5. Keep the area behind the Trading Hut clear of rubbish and undergrowth
  6. Mow the grassed area adjacent to the car park and beside the portaloos (motorised mower will be needed!)
  7. Keep the beds by the composting toilets tidy and weed free
  8. Top-up the water containers in the composting toilets
  9. Pick up and dispose of any litter you see

    …and all please note



Remember: if everyone does a LITTLE, it can help achieve a BIG result!

Richard Jones
BAGS Committee

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